Our Philosophy

The Core Principles We Follow

Fiduciary Duty

First and foremost, as an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are held to a strict fiduciary duty that focuses on ensuring everything we do is in the best interest of our clients. This duty includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring that best execution trading policies are followed,
  • Disclosing any possible conflicts of interest, and
  • Maintaining and administering a Code of Ethics for our employees.

You can rest assured knowing your best interest is put first in everything we do.


If you are looking for objective financial advice, you can’t ignore the question of how an advisor is compensated. 

Mallard receives no compensation (direct or indirect) from any source other than our clients. Our clients are our employers.

We do not accept commissions from any brokerage, mutual fund, or other financial firm. This reduces the possibility of any conflict of interest between your needs and our firm’s income. Our investment recommendations are based on the merits of the investment and your needs and goals.

No Cookie Cutters

One size does not fit all – especially in the investing world. 

You will have your own unique portfolio. We work to ensure that your needs are met every time we re-balance your assets. If you have taxable accounts, we maintain a record of the tax-cost basis for each holding and consider the tax impact of every trade we recommend. Every portfolio re-balance is reviewed individually, to ensure that your individual investment needs are always considered.

Asset Allocation & Diversification 

Moderation is an investment virtue. We design an asset allocation that incorporates diversification among varied assets and asset categories – and allow moderation to thrive.

Through our globally balanced approach, you will see our recommendations stay consistent through easy and hard times. This means as one asset class outgrows the others, it will be trimmed back, putting those upside proceeds into the other asset classes that are on the downside, systematically selling high and buying low.

Investment Policy Statement

Customized for you: When you begin your ongoing relationship with Mallard, our Financial Planning Division will work with you to create your personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS). 

The IPS will guide how your portfolio will be managed. You will be asked to complete a risk tolerance survey. You will also have input in deciding asset allocation, liquidity requirements, time horizon for when funds are needed, and any unique considerations. Recording these details at the start of our relationship helps avoid any future miscommunications or confusion.