Our Services

Platinum and Gold Both Offer:

High- quality management of your investment accounts.

Tax- and cost-efficient investing.

Asset allocation to match return/risk goals.

Quarterly reporting, and quarterly newsletters including a Market Review and Outlook.

Creation of an Investment Policy Statement customized to your needs.

Access to any of the services we provide.

Platinum Service

Experienced advice regarding individual stocks and bonds, options, preferred stock, et al.

In-depth reports each quarter, with as-needed face-to-face meetings.

Incorporation of accounts at multiple custodians.

Ad hoc specialized reviews.

Work with clients’ other advisors (attorneys, accountants, etc).

Well-suited for portfolios of $400,000 or more.

Gold Service

20% reduction in most Platinum fee rates.

More streamlined, quarterly reports.

Typically up to two face-to-face meetings per year.

Well-suited for portfolios of $200,000 or more, when no individual stocks or bonds are used.


High-quality management of your investment account.

Semi-annual reporting on portfolio performance, quarterly rebalancing.

Ability to consolidate retirement plans (including lump sum payouts).

Low cost, low minimum balance, superior investment choices.

Well-suited for retirement accounts of $50,000 or more, when financial planning is not desired.